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Here is a little bit about my kennel and Family & Dogs

My name is Perry Hudspeth I live in Rock Hill SC this is home to me.

I have a wife of 7 years and 4 kids Alyssa 20,Eric 16, Judy 14 and Gracie 5 , Eric,Judy and Gracie all do some type of hunting with me but they all coon hunt and i enjoy every second they are in the wood with me these kid are my life.

I have been hunting all my life deer turkey or small game but now coon hunting has taken hold and I truly love the sport. I have been at it about 5 years now and it is in my blood.

I hunt mostly walker but I have a (blue) english in my kennel now thanks to Terry Dalton more about Terry later .My first coon dog was Rock T/W I finished him to NITECH the right way (that's the only way I can do it the honest way) then there is June T/W female she is a nice hound I (co-own) her with Terry Dalton ,Trouble this is Rock son he's doing good just needs more time to come around then we come to Fathead (Blue) English I also (co-own) this dog with Terry I finished this dog to NITECH in 6 hunts i think and Iwill finish him to grand nitech in 2007 I also plan on hunting him in the Grand American in Jan. 2007 Fathead is a wide open coon dog and I MEAN COON DOG.thanks Terry for putting your trust in me to hunt and care for this wonderful dog.

Now for Terry Dalton (AKA) BLUE ICE on the UKC message board, he is one of a kind true to his word and a great friend who tells it like it is and dose what he says i think the world of this man he has help me so much more than he will ever know





I use and prefer Bright Eyes Coon Hunting Lights

I feed and recommend Purina Dog Foods!!!!!!!

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